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Trésor Rare Recollection


A sparkling floral fragrance like that of a summer memory. This elegant and sophisticated scent combines citrus essence with exquisite vanilla, for a legendary and outstanding fragrance. This perfume sparkles with a fresh and sensual elegance.

Age Defying Mask Mystique


The very concentrated mask is the ultimate in age defying luxury, devised for those who want a unique all in one experience impressive skin care result of firmer, lifted, less wrinkled skin. Best for dryer or combination skin. Please don’t apply to acne prone or oily skin.

Moisturizing Balm For Men


This silky cream instantly soothes and hydrates men’s skin for a complete matte effect. This moisturizing balm nourishes the skin for a fresh and relaxed feeling. Enriched with highly effective ingredients, the cream improves skin tone for vital and younger looking skin.

Cleansing Gel For Men


Cleanses the skin while protecting its natural balance, leaving you with younger and healthier looking skin. Helps stimulate cellular renewal, making skin appear instantly vibrant and younger.

Aftershave Lotion For Men


This fresh, ultra-rich lotion is ideal for men’s grooming needs. Formulated to assist in hydrating, balancing and nourishing the skin especially after shaving. Enriched with a masculine scent, the aftershave lotion helps soothe away razor burn without a trace of shine. Energizes the skin for immediate freshness.

Ultimate Pearl Essence


This advanced technology formula perfectly balances, protects, de-pollutes and hydrates without any tackiness for serious skin protection and anti-aging. Perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive, dry, and allergy-prone skin. Promotes a radiant flawless complexion.

Ultimate Pearl Protecting And Finishing Powder


A unique, weightless, transparent, impressive finishing powder for any type of complexion by reducing lines and absorbing excess oils.