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Collagen Cycle Serum


Collagen Cycle Serum have a small molecular structure which penetrate your skin and keep your existing collagen from degrading. They also stimulate the formation of new Collagen production. The sonic device opens the pores by heat which enables the serum to penetrate into the skin more effectively to stimulate the formation of new collagen and elastin.

Neck & Decollete Corrective Facial


This Serum improves cell adhesion, thus reducing the loss of skin firmness while improving skin texture and tone. Cell proliferation is increased improving resilience in mature skin, smoothing crepey skin appearance while regenerating the skin’s elasticity and collagen formation.

Hemp Skin Facial Serum


The Hemp Skin Facial Serum regenerates the skin by improving elastin, texture and tone. Smooths fine lines and wrinkles while nourishing and hydrating the skin.
Tightens and smoothes the skin Increases fibroblasts & stimulates cellular growth
Rearranges the skin’s extracellular matrix for a smoother appearance Increases skin elasticity, density and volume Helps reduce damage caused by free radicals

Non Surgical Led Sonic Device


The Non-Surgical LED Sonic Device combines the science of some of the most revolutionary breakthroughs in skin care into one hand-held home device. Unlike pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures that cover up or mask problem areas, the functions of the Non-Surgical LED Sonic Device leverage natural biological principals to address the causes of aging at the source.

Face And Neck Led Mask Bio Technology


The mask features small metal studs carefully placed to set on the facial pressure points. The studs are made up of electromagnetic metals that activate the facial muscles, hence causing the user to feel a bit of pressure.


Led Eye Device


LED color therapy, galvanic ion and vibration massager for a younger look. LED light helps with improving the appearance of skin as well as promoting collagen production. LED Eye device has efficiency. Very effective delivery of nutrition for wrinkle care, whitening and lifting. Also has convenience by automatically turning on as soon as reached to the face. LED Eye device helps for total skin care at home as home care massager for V line, younger looking and small face.

Led Eye Device


Derma Neck Lift


The Derma Neck lift Device can be used in the front of the neck and at the back of it as well as shoulders, massage is known to have pain relief properties and the Derma Neck lift Device can be used on pain area for pain relief.


Derma Neck Lift


Tech Led Face & Body Treatment Machine


The empire tech is a home-use machine that allows penetration of light emitting diodes also known as led into the skin to help treat and improve skin problems. The empire tech led body treatment machine is equipped with 4 adjustable led lights offering a natural, non-ablative method for skin rejuvenation.

Trésor Rare Recollection


A sparkling floral fragrance like that of a summer memory. This elegant and sophisticated scent combines citrus essence with exquisite vanilla, for a legendary and outstanding fragrance. This perfume sparkles with a fresh and sensual elegance.

Age Defying Mask Mystique


The very concentrated mask is the ultimate in age defying luxury, devised for those who want a unique all in one experience impressive skin care result of firmer, lifted, less wrinkled skin. Best for dryer or combination skin. Please don’t apply to acne prone or oily skin.

Moisturizing Balm For Men


This silky cream instantly soothes and hydrates men’s skin for a complete matte effect. This moisturizing balm nourishes the skin for a fresh and relaxed feeling. Enriched with highly effective ingredients, the cream improves skin tone for vital and younger looking skin.

Cleansing Gel For Men


Cleanses the skin while protecting its natural balance, leaving you with younger and healthier looking skin. Helps stimulate cellular renewal, making skin appear instantly vibrant and younger.