Tech Led Face & Body Treatment Machine


The empire tech is a home-use machine that allows penetration of light emitting diodes also known as led into the skin to help treat and improve skin problems. The empire tech led body treatment machine is equipped with 4 adjustable led lights offering a natural, non-ablative method for skin rejuvenation.

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The LED lights interact with cells, stimulating them to produce new cells helping to increase collagen and elastin via light therapy. Studies confirm that led energy can be used to help improve skin and is one of the best solutions for acne and anti-aging. It also helps burn fat, reduce cellulite, clear skin from dark spots and blemishes, reduces inflammation and lowers skins chances of scarring.

The four led lights featured are: blue, green, yellow, and red.

Each color has a different wavelength of nanometers and penetrates to a specific level of depth of your skin.

The intensity button offers you various levels of intensity per treatment.

By manipulating the colors, and adjusting the intensity, you can choose and customize your treatment as needed.

The blue led light uses wavelengths of 423 nanometers, treating the pores of the skin approximately 1 mm deep into the epidermis, to kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, and heal sebaceous glands. It allows oxygen into the skin to increase your blood flow and provide essential proteins and nutrients to help heal your skin.

The green light uses 532 nanometers of wavelengths, penetrating the skin up to 2 mm deep, helping balance oily skin, decrease pigment formation, and improve skin gland functions.

The yellow light uses 583 nanometers, penetrating approximately 4 mm deep into the dermis, to increase the oxygen cell levels in the blood. Increased blood flow helps allow new skin cells to form, replacing the old skin cells, to eliminate issues such as skin roughness, dark spots, blemishes, and scarring. This will leave your skin looking rejuvenated and glowing.

The red light is the most penetrating power, and uses the highest wavelength of 640 nanometers, allowing for penetration of up to 6 mm deep into the hypodermis. This light is used for tackling the source of most major skin problems.

The red led light promoting cell activation, and introduces more energy and collagen production. The red led helps improve and prevent wrinkles and is best for anti-aging treatment. The red led also allows your favorite treatment products to absorb deeper into the skin helping you achieve the best results from your skin care products.

Before using the machine, cleanse area of the body you desire to treat and pat dry.

Turn the machine on by pressing the power button. Then select the appropriate light color for your treatment. Adjust the intensity with the up and down arrow buttons. You can also turn on the fan option for your comfortability. Let the light emit onto your skin for about 5-10 minutes per treatment. Then you may apply your favorite dor24k skincare products for best results.

The empire tech led body treatment machine is safe and pain free and can be used at home daily. Unlike oral medications or harsh laser treatments, this machine has absolutely no side effects and is non-allergenic.

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