Non Surgical Led Sonic Device


The Non-Surgical LED Sonic Device combines the science of some of the most revolutionary breakthroughs in skin care into one hand-held home device. Unlike pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures that cover up or mask problem areas, the functions of the Non-Surgical LED Sonic Device leverage natural biological principals to address the causes of aging at the source.

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The Non-Surgical LED Sonic Device has a variety of settings combinations:

Red or Blue LED Light

  • With or without hot or cold compress
  • With or without sonic vibration

Hot or Cold Compress

  • With or without LED light
  • With or without sonic vibration

Before using the device, clean and dry your face completely. To maximize the effectiveness of LED technology, choose hot compress setting with sonic vibration. Using small circular motions, massage each area of your face, forehead, and neck for 3-5 minutes. Once complete, apply a small amount of your favorite serums or creams. The hot compress will have opened your pores and increased blood flow, allowing your skin to drink up and absorb the products. For added benefit, 10-15 minutes after applying products you can massage your face using the device on the cold compress setting to seal pores and reduce puffiness.

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