Thermal Beauty Experience Mask


Beauty can now be found in an energizing mask treatment featuring instant thermal warming for an unforgettable experience. This mask contains a Dead Sea mineral complex that opens pores while absorbing dirt, oil, and toxins. Its unique healing action purifies your skin by unclogging and clarifying pores. Skin will look younger and more radiant than ever.



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This mask gives an immediate lifting effect which helps strengthen and tighten skin one time. Formulated to increase blood circulation and to target wrinkles, this mask supports healthy skin cells and helps cleanse, exfoliate, and purify the skin
Mineral Bar: Our unique mineral bar is the key element in the thermal experience. The mineral bar acts as a vehicle to open up pores and enable skin to take in active skincare ingredients
Kaolin: This fine clay goes deep into skin to pull away excess sebum, surface dirt, and impurities that linger in skin and make your complexion look dull and tired
Dead Sea Salt: Highly concentrated in essential minerals, Dead Sea salt has been used in therapeutic treatments and countless anti-aging solutions to firm and lift skin
Watercress extract: Rich in Vitamin A & Vitamin C, watercress serves multiple functions in this lifting mask. Watercress can alleviate any inflammation, redness, or imperfections that reside on skin’s surface while it sinks deep into skin to remove any sneaky impurities that can cause aging. Finally, it also works to lift and firm skin that’s starting to lose its luster
Application: Give yourself the thermal beauty experience twice a week. Remove the mineral bar from the top chamber and glide it over clean, damp skin. Leaving skin damp, massage a thin layer of the thermal mask over your entire face, avoiding the eye areas. Leave the mask on for 2-3 minutes before rinsing with warm water

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